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Turkey, Iceland, Central Europe, Eastern Europe or even Russia; we can serve you anywhere on this continent; with the best manner.

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Do not leave your tours to chance - get the best service from experienced and licensed tourism professionals.

One person or one thousand people!

How we serve is never depended on how many people we serve. We always aim the best service, for all parties attending to our tours. Our experienced team is ready to serve you, no mattter you are a tourism professional or tourist wandering around.

Shore excursions for cruise travellers, religious tours, culinary & gastronomical tours, business & exhibiton arrangements, special interest tours, escorted tours are some of our services provided.

What you remember is how you feel

As Eos Travel; we certianly know that, after a holiday ends, only the things you felt are left with you. We are ready to offer you the best memories with beautiful feelings.

You are always welcome

We are aware that tourism is a business depended on the guests' enjoyment. Our aim is to fulfill all of our customers' needs and befriend them; to accompany on all their tours.

”As our guests, we would like to comfort you, no matter where you are - make you feel like you are home. Our mission as Eos Travel, is to create unforgettable memories for you and make all your friends jealous of you. “

— Husnu Kutlu - Director